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双语阅读:日本公司赚钱有奇招 出租腋窝当广告

2019-05-03 15:34


abolishing child labor

Interestingly, the Wakino Ad Company itself is a sort of advertising, as it is owned by Liberta, a beauty products company that specializes in armpit beautifying products. Showing off the effectiveness of your products while charging other companies advertising fees? Now that’s genius!

Advertising creates awareness by informing consumers.


Family planning


spark 激起
Ad sparks an interest of ... 广告激发...的兴趣
in the masses 在群众中
fulfills his main goal 完成他的主要目标
price-quality ratio 性价比

Wakino isn’t the first company to use live women as advertising billboards. Back in 2013, Absolute Territory PR made headlines for advertising on young women’s thighs.

crucial for ... 对...很重要
advertising is crucial for the launch of a brand new product 对于发布新产品
within a particular time constraint 在特定的时间内
capture the market 抓住市场
it helps to capture the market 可以帮助抓住市场
it acts as 扮演...角色
it acts as an open invitation that maximizes the chances of event attendance.
contribute to ... 有助于


Advertising creates awareness. 广告产生认知
the availability of any particular product or service in the market 特定产品或服务的可用性/实用性
it attempts to ... 尝试
convey 传递
alternatives 替代产品或同类产品; 另一种选择
inform sb. about sth. 通知某人某事
give information about 提供关于...的信息
It also gives information about the brand name or trademark used, the address of a manufacturer or a service provider, and other relevant details to the consumer. 提供关于品牌名称或商标、生产厂家或提供商的地址或其他与消费者有关的信息。
relevant details to A 与A相关的信息
help sb. do. sth. 帮助某人做某事

The Wakino Ad Company has just started operations, so it’s tough to know how successful it’s going to be, but it has released several concept stills to help potential customers better visualize the possibilities. They’ve even landed their first client, a beauty treatment and dermatology chain that is using armpit ads to promote its painless underarm hair removal procedure.

Advertising is crucial for the launch (introduction) of a brand new product, service or idea in the market.

If you’re an executive who’s had enough of traditional advertising, maybe you’d like to give armpit ads a try. For a fee as low as 10,000 yen ($89.99) per hour, Wakino will plaster your custom ad on the armpits of a young model who will do her best to make it as visible as possible. It’s unclear how that will work though, as apart from holding on to the handrail on public transportation or stretching your arms up from time to time, there aren’t too many ways of making your armpits visible.

Advertising sparks an interest of advertised products and services in the masses. Interest creates demand in the market. The growing demand soon results in higher sales. Eventually, the advertiser fulfills his main goal of investing in an advertisement. However, to continue with such a growth in sales, the advertiser or merchant must also maintain a good price-quality ratio along with regularly running his ad campaigns.


Giving children compulsory education.

Of all the places to advertise on a living human being, the armpits are probably at the bottom of the list for most people, but one Japanese company believes they are prime real-estate and is currently recruiting young female models willing to walk around with ads on their armpits.

Why do people block ads?

Adverts are invasive, meaningless and useless for me as a user.

They occupy visual space and vie for my attention - I don't browse sites for adverts, I browse for the content.

invasive adj. 侵略性的;攻击性的
visual space 视觉空间
vie for 竞争;争夺
browse site 浏览网站

Because there is such a negative connotation with them, people assume they are malicious and a waste of their time. It doesn't matter how customized they are to the user,they will always feel suspicious of them.

negative connotation 贬义
malicious adj. 恶意的;恶毒的;蓄意的
customized adj. 定制的;用户化的
feel suspicious of 纳闷的,起疑心的

Ads are often the only potential revenue stream for our favourite websites, so I think a lot of us feel a certain level of guilt about blocking them. However, the fault doesn't lie with ungrateful users, it lies with cheap, deceptive, and incredibly frustrating advertisers.

potential revenue stream 潜在的收入来源
feel a certain level of guilt 感到一定程度的内疚
deceptive 欺诈的;迷惑的;虚伪的

It is very important to block ads as they can be malicious and steal your personal details.  Ads can also be every annoying and create lots of problem while working on a system.

Advertisers collect a huge sum of money with these ads and try to infect your system through such ideas. Once you click on these ads they drive you to malicious sites.

malicious adj. 恶意的,恶毒的,蓄意的,不怀好意的
annoying adj. 讨厌的,恼人的

Frequent Questions:

Are there many advertisements in your country?

What are the various places where we can see advertisements?

Do advertisements influence your choice about what to buy?

Why do you think there are so many advertisements now?

How do you feel about advertisements?

What kind of advertisement do you like the most?

Do advertisements influence your choice about what you buy?

Do you like advertisements on TV?

Do you prefer, advertisements on TV or those in magazines?

Do you think advertising plays an important role in today’s world?

What sorts of advertisements leave the deepest impression on people?

What do you think about the development of advertising in China today?                                                                                                                                         


providing a right kind of nutrition to the mother and her new-born infant.

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Living, breathing advertising billboards are not exactly a novel concept. Brandon Chicotsky has been leasing his bald head as ad space for companies willing to pay him hundreds of dollars per day for years, and he’s just one example. There’s also the case of Hostgator M. Dotcom, who once tattooed company logos on his face for profit, or that of Jason George, a self-described “human billboard” who tattooed hundreds of company logos that had affected his life in some way, all over his body. But while most of these people offered up the most visible parts of their bodies, like the head or face, but the Wakino Ad Company is betting it all on the armpits.

If the advertisement of any concerned product, service or idea is done correctly at a right place, through proper media, and within a particular time constraint, it can attract many new customers.

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